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Sailing Pirogiw Maiden Voyage

Sailing Pirogue second test run- 10 December 2012

After not being on the water for a while I finally got an opportunity to take my Sailing Pirogue for its second test run. On the first run (see maiden voyage) the wind conditions here not ideal.

The wind was quite strong on the day of the second test run. The Sailing Pirogue performed at its best going downwind logging a top speed of 10km/h (6 kt) on the GPS. See video below. Unfortunately I discovered that my Leeboard was too far forward making the pirogue turn into the wind when I had a side wind and pulling in the sail. I will be changing the design by placing the Leeboard in the mid-section of the pirogue. The rubber is also in the way when I'm using my oar so that is also going to be moved to the stern of the boat where I will steer it with foot pedals.

Video: © 2012 | | Canoe/Pirogue builder: Mauritz Geyser, South Africa