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Sailing Pirogiw Maiden Voyage

Sailing Pirogue Maiden Voyage - 16 June 2012

After months of building the outriggers, the time finally arrived to test my Sailing Pirogue(SP). I was in two minds whether to do a “fresh water” or “sea water” test. The decision was made for me when I found out that the dam I normally go canoeing on was shallow due to maintenance work being done on the dam wall. The test location then chosen was Gordon’s Bay, not to far from where I live. I left home early after loading my SP on the roof of my car the previous day. When I arrived at the site there was a strong wind at about 10 knots, gusting at times just under 20 knots. Being the first time I was testing my SP I decided not to chance it. So I waited around to see if the wind was going to die down. I later noticed that the local sailors at the GBYC also did not go out due to the strong winds. As luck would have it the wind died down to almost nothing at around 14h00 in a matter of ˝ hour. I was not going to go home without at least testing my SP. The SP attracted some attention from beach dwellers. It is not something you see around here that often.

I went out on the water twice. The first time was better than the second because there was less wind. According to my GPS I only managed a maximum of around 2.2 knots. Apart from the unfavorable wind condition the maiden voyage was successful. The equipment worked as designed. Hopefully I will soon get a chance to test my SP with more favourable wind conditions.



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