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Sailing Pirogiw Maiden Voyage

Sailing Pirogue - Langebaan to Kraalbaai Lagoon crossing.

Location: Langebaan, South Africa

Approximate lagoon crossing route:

Langebaan to Kraalbaai Lagoon crossing YouTube Video:


Maybe I was over enthusiastic when I did the lagoon crossing after having good test runs at Saldanha. The first part of the crossing went well but at some point my bow dipped under the water. When I tried to go back to other side, I continuously had to scoop out a lot of water. It was as if my bow was lower in the water than normal. This was very worrying because if the rubrail of the canoe reached water level there would have been no way that I could scoop out the water fast enough.

I then decided to rather sail to Kraalbaai to investigate. When I got to Kraalbaai I discovered that the bow enclosure was ½ full of water meaning it must have sprang a leak. That also explained way I collected water to easily. After emptying the compartment I made the crossing back to the other side of the lagoon. I had to stop every now and then to scoop out water and check that the bow compartment did not take in any water. As I was approaching the other side of the lagoon I also noticed my front aka was starting to de-laminate. At one point the de-laminating was so bad I had to abort my sail back to where I started and exited the water at the Langebaan Yacht club.

There are some major changes I'll need to do to prevent this happening again. © 2012 | | Canoe/Pirogue builder: Mauritz Geyser, South Africa